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Before your personal injury case goMan writing at desk Injury Attorney in Stamfordes to trial, you and your injury attorney in Stamford will most likely sit for a deposition with the opposing attorney. This might sound intimidating but is entirely standard procedure. The deposition is your opportunity to testify about what happened and answer questions to establish your account of the accident.

What Should I Expect?

Just like at trial, you will be sworn in before beginning your deposition testimony, and anything you say at deposition might be brought up later on during trial. However, unlike at trial, there will be no judge or jury there, just you and your injury attorney in Stamford, the opposing counsel, and the court reporter. The opposing counsel will be able to ask you questions and you will be expected to answer them.

What Should I Do?

The deposition is a critically important part of your personal injury case, so it is important that your Connecticut injury attorney help you prepare beforehand. Here are some basic tips:

What Should I Not Do?

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