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Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Greenwich man files complaint against family court judge

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on Friday, July 8, 2011.

A financial manager in Greenwich, Connecticut in the midst of a legal custody battle has turned the tables on the court.

Recently, the 50-year-old man filed a complaint against a family court judge because she oversaw a wedding. This is a normal occurrence, though, as judges regularly facilitate weddings. Yet this wedding happened to be the wedding of a divorce lawyer, and that divorce lawyer represents the wife of the 50-year-old.

The couple is fighting for the custody of their two daughters. They have been divorced since 2005.

The man, who is looking to gain physical custody of his children, said that the judge is no longer a disinterested party and that she has definitely broken conduct codes laid out in the Judicial Code of Conduct of Connecticut.

The judge, when asked about the situation, did not comment.

The ex-wife’s lawyer indicated that the judge in question is not the presiding lawyer over the case between the two ex-spouses.

Regardless, the man is standing by his accusation. He cites a likelihood that he will end up in front of the judge in question because his legal proceedings involving his wife have almost 20 motions that are yet to be decided.

The ex-wife’s divorce lawyer has defended the judge, saying that she would not accept a donation in her name and that, after she wed the couple, she left the wedding and did not stay in order to avoid an accusation of bias toward the lawyer.