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Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

More lessons to be learned from celebrity divorce

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On behalf of Law Offices of Piazza, Simmons & Grant, L.L.C. posted in Prenuptial Agreements on Tuesday, February 14, 2012.

Connecticut residents have no doubt heard the reports that top-earning model Heidi Klum and her husband, pop singer Seal, are headed for divorce. The two recently announced an amicable separation, which often precedes the end of a marriage. Connecticut Divorce Lawyer

Parents of four, both sides have considerable amounts of money. That is why experts are weighing in on the possibility of a prenuptial agreement. When the division of property occurs — which it likely will — a prenuptial agreement can mean a vast difference in outcomes.

The situation that the couple could find themselves in could provide a lesson for Connecticut readers.

Let’s say that Seal and Klum do not have a prenuptial agreement. If their marriage and all of their marital assets are split in half, any song of Seal’s that has the potential to be used in a television show or a commercial will first have to be approved by Klum before it is given the green light. This is because she will own half of his intellectual property.

But experts believe the two possess a prenuptial agreement. Klum is from Germany, where the financial agreements are the norm. Seal, a citizen of the United Kingdom, may have gone against his country’s norm at the time of their marriage and signed one.

The singer has sold more than 20 million albums since his career began. But it is likely that he is making much less than Klum at the moment, who hosts the hit television show “Project Runway.” The model earned $20 million last year, according to Forbes, making her the second-highest paid model.

Estimates suggest that she has been earning this sort of income for years now, so if any alimony payments are to be made, it will likely be from Klum to Seal.

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