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Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Divorce can turn your life upside down

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on Thursday, November 29, 2012.

A lot of things change when a marriage ends. Depending on the length of the marriage, several things may have changed since the last time these individuals were single. For instance, they may now have a home and children together. These things factor heavily into a divorce.

First and foremost, any property that the couple has acquired must be divided. This often means picking and choosing which battles to fight over which assets. If you want to keep the home you once shared, you may find yourself compromising and offering other assets such as retirement plans or investment accounts to get her or his share of the home. Vehicles may land in the hands of your former partner, as any other assets that you once treasured.

When one parent is forced to move from the home that the couple once shared, life may become unfamiliar. If that person is paying alimony and child support as well, she or he may not have enough money to acquire new belongings to replace the old ones that remain with the other spouse.

Then there is the custody determination. Many parents care more about this than the property division and some will make sure to fight tooth and nail to get what they want. This may translate to an intense and lengthy court battle, which can cost both spouses emotionally and financially.

Many former couples have found themselves competing over the children even after custody has been determined. This is something that should be avoided-instead of working against one another to see who is the better parent, divorced spouses should work together to make sure that the well-being of their children is maximized. This situation is likely worse for the parent that no longer lives with the children and any custodial parent that takes advantage of that is not playing fair.

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