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Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Stamford Child Custody, Visitation And Parenting Plan Attorneys

A Stamford, Connecticut, divorce attorney can assist parents and other individuals with acquiring legal visitation rights with children. Here is an overview of the process:

Starting The Case

In Connecticut, the official petition for visitation begins with the completion of an application that is submitted to the court. There is a different application for parents versus grandparents or other third parties. A Connecticut divorce attorney may assist you in completing the application and other documents (such as a notice to the respondent, an order to attend, a notice of an automatic order, and an affidavit concerning the children and an appearance). The paperwork is submitted to the clerk’s office along with a fee. You may also be asked to provide an oath to verify the forms.


A Connecticut divorce attorney can explain that the other party must receive a copy of the paperwork, according to the rules of civil procedure. The individual who serves this paperwork to the other party returns it to the clerk’s office and needs proof that the other party did actually receive them. This paperwork includes a date when your hearing will be held.

Types Of Child Visitation

The court decides whether or not to grant visitation rights with the child. Your Connecticut divorce attorney can describe the different types of child visitation. One form may work in one case but not in another under the trial court’s determination. A standard schedule may be used or a different arrangement may be supported. For example, the court may grant the petitioning party visitation with the child every other weekend or one weekday a night. It may grant a party a portion of certain holidays or alternate holidays between the parties. Visitation may encompass two to six weeks of summer visitation. The visitation order may provide for all of these possibilities.


The court may decide upon a particular arrangement according to several factors. For example, the court may consider the distance between two parents. In the case of a child spending the entire school year in one parent’s home, the court may award the other parent the entire summer.

Denials And Restrictions

The family court can deny or restrict child visitation. It may do so if it believes that visitation may place the child in danger due to a history of sexual abuse, kidnapping, or excessive drug or alcohol use.

Legal Assistance From A Connecticut Divorce Attorney

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