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Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

What Types Of Connecticut Child Support Are Available, And How Is Child Support Calculated?

When divorce cases involve minor children, courts are extremely concerned that the children are well cared for and provided for financially. Child support is a court-ordered payment – made from one former spouse to another – to support the couple’s minor child or children. What follows is a brief overview of the types of child support that are available in Connecticut and the ways in which child support payments are calculated.

Connecticut Child Support Guidelines

The amount of child support paid from one spouse to another is determined by the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are based on each spouse’s respective income.

Ordinarily, Connecticut courts will follow these guidelines when making child-support determinations. However, under the following circumstances, there may be a reason to deviate from the Child Support Guidelines:

  • Extraordinary medical or other expenses
  • Custody arrangements previously made by the parties

Moreover, under Connecticut law, a court may consider recent changes in the lifestyles and personal expenses of the respective spouses when making child-support determinations.

Mandatory Child Support

The following types of child support are required by Connecticut law:

  • The basic child support obligation (expressed as a fixed weekly amount and calculated in accordance with the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines)
  • A percentage of out-of-pocket health-related costs not covered by insurance, including dental, medical and orthodontic expenses, among others, and which are shared pro-rata, according to the parties’ combined income
  • A percentage of work-related childcare expenses (applying the same percentage as referenced above)

Moreover, most parenting agreements provide for agreed-upon extracurricular expenses. These expenses typically cover tutoring sessions, lessons (such as piano or karate lessons), computer expenses and school supplies, school trips, sports equipment and uniforms, cell phones, and driving school costs.

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No one is affected more by a divorce than a couple’s children. Child support decisions are based on the totality of all the circumstances and vary on a case-by-case basis. To find out more about your legal options, you should feel free to call our Stamford, Connecticut, child support lawyers at the LAW OFFICES OF PIAZZA & SIMMONS, LLC, today at 203-936-6772 or contact us online.

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