If you’re facing divorce, call 203-936-6772 at LAW OFFICES OF PIAZZA & SIMMONS, LLC to set up an initial consultation.

If you’re facing divorce, call 203-936-6772 at LAW OFFICES OF PIAZZA & SIMMONS, LLC to set up an initial consultation.

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Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Attorney Anthony A Piazza & Laura A Simmons

Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Dissolution Of Marriage In Connecticut

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for everyone. The emotional and legal process of separating from a spouse, understanding the legal requirements of divorce, and planning both child custody and support are all daunting tasks that go along with filing for divorce.

At the LAW OFFICES OF PIAZZA & SIMMONS, LLC, we are ready to help you through this difficult time. If you have come to the conclusion that your marriage cannot be saved, our firm would like to convey a simple message: Divorce does not have to be an angry, unreasonable and expensive process. Schedule a thoughtful, confidential and informative consultation.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys

For more than 45 years, we have helped many people achieve reasonable, fair divorce settlements in full, up-to-date compliance. We help our clients navigate the process of divorce by means of reasonable negotiations. We share your desire to ensure that your divorce is completed in a cost-effective, low-stress and timely manner. We are available to answer any of your questions about divorce in Stamford, Connecticut.

Matters Affecting Children In A Divorce

When children are involved, we are sensitive to the desirability of a resolution that allows them to go on with their lives as smoothly as possible. We are ready and able to represent parents who wish to protect their parental rights despite the disruption of divorce. We help with tough child custody issues, such as when one parent relocates out of state or needs a modification to the custody or child support order. Over the years, Anthony Piazza has represented over 300 children whose parents were divorcing. Remarkably, all but one of these cases have been resolved through out-of-court settlements.

On the other hand, in the case of a father seeking say in the educational choices made for his son, our firm aggressively represented the father’s custodial rights and brought the matter to the Supreme Court to protect those rights. This rather complex case demonstrates our commitment to our clients’ family law interests and our ability to take a case as far as necessary – even to the Supreme Court.

Understanding The Elements Of Divorce

The first step in having a successful divorce is filing a petition for the dissolution of marriage. Either individual can jumpstart this filing, and there is no benefit or consequence as to who files first. After the filing of the initial documents, the process of separating the property and the family begins. Answering questions and making decisions during this process can very often lead to additional disputes.

It is important to realize that an experienced attorney can help the parties reach meaningful agreements and decisions about property and how the family will operate after the divorce finalized. Not only can a divorce be very emotionally draining and taxing, but it can also be very expensive. And the last people that should be benefiting and encouraging further discord are the attorneys.

Ways In Which We Can Help

Remember that getting the right attorneys can mean the difference between a lengthy, costly and nasty fight, or having an efficient process that focuses on the best resolution possible. It is important to seek out experienced attorneys who understand the Connecticut filing process and the issues that must be addressed, including:

An experienced attorney may also be able to achieve divorce for clients through mediation so that the parties never actually have to testify in court. In other circumstances, there are times when litigation is unavoidable, and it’s then that you will need a well-versed and aggressive attorney to represent and enforce your rights in court. If there are serious child custody issuesvisitation issues or decision regarding the children’s education or health, it is important to get the right Connecticut attorneys to get the best result.

If you and your spouse can agree on the division of property, finances, and assets, and can agree on a parenting plan, then you may be able to proceed with an uncontested divorce.

Discuss Your Situation With A Connecticut Divorce Attorney

Divorce is not expected to be a pleasant experience, but it can be the start of a new beginning, and contacting the Connecticut attorneys at LAW OFFICES OF PIAZZA & SIMMONS, LLC is the first step toward a new stage in your life. In having our thoughtful and experienced attorneys on your side, you can be assured to get the best possible outcome. You can contact our office online or by calling 203-936-6772. We are ready to confidentially and discreetly answer any questions you might have about a marriage dissolution proceeding.

Our Norwalk Family Lawyers Explain How Divorce Really Works

The main goal of divorce court is to facilitate an agreeable resolution between two parties, not to have one spouse punished and the other rewarded. If you go into it with an “us vs. them” mindset, you will be disappointed, and the judge will not see things your way. Discuss your approach with your Norwalk family lawyers.

Contact One Of Our Divorce Lawyers

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