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Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Guiding People Through Divorce With Grace And Dignity For More Than 30 Years

Should You Try And Settle Your Divorce?

Divorces are complicated, full of emotion. Negotiating the terms are hard, even on the best of days. It is estimated, in general, that as high as 95% of divorce cases actual settle without a trial. This means these cases settle the matter through other means. This doesn’t mean these individuals do not have representation. A Stamford, CT divorce attorney can assist you in your divorce settlement. Contact our firm for more information.

Settling A Divorce Out Of Court

You do not need a judge to resolve your divorce. The main issues usually are asset division and valuation, debt allocation, parenting time, child support and alimony. With or without attorney representation, outside of court, divorce settlements proceedings may be handled in numerous ways:

  • Negotiation: There are no rules preventing the parties, either directly or through their attorneys, from trying to resolve divorce-related issues through direct negotiation. Every case is different, but if the parties are in agreement on most issues, negotiation might resolve outstanding issues.
  • Mediation: This is a private, confidential process by which the parties (and their attorneys) meet with a neutral mediator to try and reach a mutual resolution. A mediator cannot give legal advice, but they can advise the parties about Connecticut law and legal opinions. Mediation can allow parties to reach well-informed decisions and customize the settlement to each specific needs.

Benefits Of A Divorce Settlement

There are several benefits of settling a divorce outside of a trial. First of all, the process empowers each side to make decisions in the resolution of issues. Second, the cost of the settlement is generally less than trial, because less time and resources are needed. If the settlement is quick, costs might be only the time it took to negotiate, draft the necessary court paper and file the matter. Next, the process is generally quicker. Some settlement negotiations take only a few months, or even less. Finally, settlement negotiations tend to be more private. There is no explicit court transcript of every uttered word.

Filing Court Documents After Settlement

Once a settlement is reached, it needs to be formalized in a contract. If the parties are represented by attorneys, the attorneys will prepare and finalize a settlement agreement. Once finalized and reviewed by both parties, the settlement agreement will be filed with the court. The court may hold a hearing to review the agreement. As long as the settlement is fair, follows Connecticut law, and was negotiated in good faith, the court will grant the divorce decree quickly. A Stamford, Connecticut, attorney is still valuable in settlement negotiations to ensure the settlement is fair and just to fit your needs.

Our Stamford, Connecticut, Divorce Attorneys Can Help with Your Divorce Settlement

You might be surprised to know that courts encourage parties to settle divorce matters outside of trial. Settling your divorce out of court can save you time and money, but you should still realize the importance of being represented by a qualified divorce attorney. Contact the LAW OFFICES OF PIAZZA & SIMMONS, LLC today.